• Our Work

    The Robert Graham Center for Policy Studies in Family Medicine and Primary Care exists to improve individual and population health by enhancing the delivery of primary care.

    To achieve this vision, the Graham Center:

    • Conducts and publishes research on a range of issues that impacts primary care
    • Disseminates data that enable policy makers to bring family medicine and primary care perspectives to health policy deliberations at the local, state, and international levels
    • Provides analysis on current issues that affect primary care, including payment, workforce, infrastructure, and needs assessment
    • Applies research and geospatial mapping methods to determine trends in the supply, training, distribution, and location of the primary care workforce and other health care resources
    • Establishes partnerships with individuals and institutions in order to conduct and support primary care research and to expand the capacity for such research
    • Tests the impact of policy solutions
    • Grows our primary care economic portfolio