• Moving from Burnout to Wellness in Primary Care

    Topic Overview

    Physician burnout is increasingly recognized as a threat to the nation’s health workforce and to delivering population health, higher quality of care and reduced cost. It is estimated that two-thirds of family physicians report at least one element of burnout and family medicine is among the top five medical specialties reporting burnout.

    Physicians facing burnout are at higher risk of drug and alcohol abuse as well as suicide. This problem impacts not only physicians but it has also been linked to lower patient satisfaction, higher medical error rates and higher physician and staff turnover.

    As we strive towards meeting the quadruple aim of health care it becomes increasingly important to look for effective strategies to help combat burnout, not only from bright spots within the medical community, but also leaders in other industries that are tackling this problem. Join us for a primary care forum that explores this important topic and starts to offer solutions to move us from burnout to wellness.


    Katherine J. Gold, MD, MSW, MS
    Assistant Professor, Family Medicine Department of Family Medicine
    University of Michigan Medical School

    Chu-Hsiang (Daisy) Chang, PHD
    Associate Professor Department of Psychology
    Michigan State University

    James Puffer, MD
    CEO of ABFM


    Yalda Jabbarpour, MD
    Robert Graham Center