• Health Geography

    The Robert Graham Center has always had an interest in the role of geography in health care. From its earliest days, the Graham Center included geography in the research we conducted. Geography helps us to understand the context in which patients live; it helps us to better understand the distribution of the health care workforce; it helps us to evaluate medical education programs in terms of the areas in which their graduates practice.

    Social Deprivation Index (SDI)

    The Robert Graham Center has compiled the Social Deprivation Index (SDI), which is a composite measure of area level deprivation.

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    Explore a vast library of data related to health and social determinants of health, upload your own data, and make and print customizable maps that tell stories important to health policy and primary care in your area.

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    Med School Mapper

    Visualize map data and create reports on the community and national impact of any US Medical School.

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    UDS Mapper

    Explore existing Health Center Program service areas, where gaps in the safety net might exist, and which neighborhoods or regions might hold the highest priorities for health center expansion.

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