• Public & Community Health

    Primary care and public health both have crucial roles to play in improving and maintaining community health. Their integration and cooperation are important but not always achieved. Primary care has the challenge of moving beyond its traditional role of treating only the patients who appear at its doorstep to move to define and engage the community around it. Public health must seamlessly communicate population needs and threats to clinicians and patients and help to coordinate the location and delivery of care. The Graham Center supports the integration of public health and primary care by providing tools that can be used by both sectors.

    COPC Curriculum

    We developed a curriculum for community-oriented primary care that can be used to train doctors and other staff how to incorporate community needs into practice activities.

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    Maps and Workforce Projections

    The Graham Center's mapping programs and workforce projections can help public health agencies plan and implement health and healthcare improvement projects at local, state, and national levels.

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