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Director's Corner

Current Robert Graham Center COVID-19 work includes the following: (As of 4/1/20)

  • Telehealth capacity in primary care – what can be done via telehealth, where can it be done, how much of it can be done immediately.
  • Hospital bed capacity -with Health Landscape. Includes impact on county and hospital access with potential closure of primary care due to lack of payment
  • Primary care and family medicine capacity for redeployment into other clinical settings. Family Physicians have unique capacity to flex between sites of care (clinic, ER, hospital, nursing home, etc.) Where is that capacity? How to mobilize that capacity?
  • Primary care and family medicine in COVID-19 recovery. Once we get through this, what is the role of primary care in recovery and making up for lost chronic and preventive care. Using vaccinations as a direct measure and proxy measure in order to get a better idea on the role of primary care can play when a COVID19 vaccination is available.
  • In a collaboration with the AAFP National Research Network, what are family physicians doing to treat patients with COVID-19 symptoms? Given the range of potential reported treatments including off-label of prescription medications, what are practicing family doctors doing. This may provide a treatment registry that we can access down the road to assess outcomes.