Primary Care Physician Mapper

The Primary Care Physician Mapper illustrates the distribution of primary care physicians by state, county, or census tracts in metropolitan areas. The physician data source is the National Provider Identifier (NPI), maintained by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). Any provider who bills Medicare, Medicaid, or certain private insurance companies will be counted in the NPI dataset.

The Primary Care Physician Mapper allows the user to dynamically set the threshold at which map areas with a certain physician to population ratio are displayed. Users may select individual primary care specialties under ‘Specialties of Interest’ to explore their unique distributions. For example, a user might search for ‘Pediatricians’ or check the ‘Pediatrics’ box to understand variation in Pediatrician to population ratios in a region or nationally. A user may visualize raw counts of physicians or create maps showing the ratio of one or more primary care specialties to the population within a selected geography. Use the options on the right hand side of the mapper to create the map and legend that answers your question of interest.

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