Health Care System Innovation in The Netherlands: Special Focus on Primary Care

Topic Overview

The Robert Graham Center completes its Embassy series with a discussion examining health care system innovation in the Netherlands.


J. Andre Knotterus, MD, PhD

Dr. Knottnerus serves as the Chair of the Scientific Council for Government Policy and is a professor of General Practice at the University of Maastricht. Formerly the President of thre Health Council of the Netherlands, he is an editor of the Journal of Clinical Epedemiology.

Presentation: Health Care System Innovations in the Netherlands - A Focus on Primary Care(23 page PDF)

Anne Sales, PhD, MSN, RN

Dr. Sales is co-leader of the VA Center for Clinical Management Research Partnerships for Implementation and Evaluation Core. She has conducted numerous funded research projects, focusing on improving quality of care, knowledge translation and implementation of evidence based best practice, with many peer-reviewed publications.

Jennifer DeVoe, MD, DPhil

Dr. Devoe is the Puffer Fellow and Research Director at the Institute of Medicine. She has a broad background in studying access to preventive care for low-income populations and works with large administrative, services utilization, and self-reported datasets