Disruptive Innovations in Primary Care

Topic Overview

Primary care practices are transforming rapidly to expand access to newly insured individuals and to help achieve the nation’s Triple Aim. In this moderated discussion, we will hear from innovators at the forefront of radical primary care practice change. These innovators will describe their experiences and ideas about implementing new models of care. We will discuss hybrid practice models such as One Medical and a new model of care, Direct Primary Care, where patients typically pay a monthly fee for a range of primary care services and management. Can this model and other innovations offer lower patient panel sizes, higher quality care and more time with the doctor? Can they be sustained over time? Can they be expanded to cover the majority of Americans?


Andrew Schutzbank, MD, MPH

Andrew Schutzbank MD, MPH is Iora’s Medical Director. In addition to his role at Iora, Andrew is on faculty at Harvard Medical School, blogs at the Schutzblog, and is a founding member of Primary Care Progress.

Brian Forrest, MD

Brian Forrest, MD, is the founder and CEO of Access Healthcare, a direct payment family practice in North Carolina. He is a board-certified ABFM family physician and an AHS-specialist in Hypertension.

Erika Bliss, MD

Erika Bliss, MD, is President & CEO of Qliance Medical Management Inc., a direct primary care practice in Seattle. She is a graduate of the University of California, San Diego School of Medicine and completed her residency with the Swedish Family Medicine Residency Program.

Nicholas Gettas, MD

Nicholas Gettas, MD, is Chief Medical Director at Cigna Healthcare of Virginia.

Tom Lee, MD

Tom Lee is CEO of One Medical Group. He has helped to create an innovative primary care model using information technology to improve the quality and service of care while also lowering administrative costs. Prior to One Medical, Tom served as Chief Medical Officer, Editor-in-Chief, and lead designer/marketer of mobile applications for Epocrates. He is a board-certified internist with training completed at Harvard’s Brigham and Women’s Hospital.