Graduate Medical Education Outcomes and Accountability

Topic Overview

Graduate medical education (GME) plays a key role in the U.S. physician workforce, defining the total number and distribution of each physician specialty, and profoundly influencing practice locations. Medicare provides nearly $10 billion annually to support GME, and faces growing interest in creating accountability measures.

Three experts in workforce issues will discuss the results of a newly released ranking of GME training programs published in Academic Medicine. This ranking is based on each program’s production of graduates working in key areas of interest to policymakers and taxpayers. Speakers will address how GME outcomes are measurable for most training institutions, how outputs vary widely by specialty and geographic locations and how these findings can inform educators and policymakers during a period of increased calls to align the GME system with national health needs.


Fitzhugh Mullan, MD

Fitzhugh Mullan, MD, is Murdoch Head Professor of Medicine and Health Policy at George Washington University.

Panel Presentation: The Social Mission of Medical Education: At the Core of Health Reform(34 page PDF)

Candice Chen, MD, MPH

Robert L. Phillips, Jr., MD, MSPH