• Population Health Assessment Engine (PHATE) Curriculum


    The Robert Graham Center and HealthLandscape have collaborated to develop this curriculum aimed to introduce health care professionals to the Population Health Assessment Engine (PHATE). 

    What is the Population Health Assessment Engine (PHATE)?

    PHATE is a mapping tool commissioned by the American Board of Family Medicine (ABFM) that allows users to:

    1. View community characteristics
    2. View clinical service areas
    3. View disease and poor quality hot spots
    4. Connect with community organizations

    What is the goal of this curriculum?

    The goal of the PHATE curriculum is to help learners understand how to integrate community data, clinical data, and community resources in order to address social determinants of health and improve the health of patients and populations.

    Do I need to be enrolled in the PRIME Registry to use PHATE?

    Developed by the ABFM, the PRIME Registry is a population health and performance improvement tool for clinicians and practices that extracts data from EHRs. PHATE draws from data with PRIME and consists of two tools: My Community and Community HotSpots. To use some of the functions within My Community, users do NOT need to enroll in the PRIME Registry. When accessing Community HotSpots, those users NOT enrolled in the PRIME Registry will only be able to view demo data. Users do NOT need to enrolled in the PRIME Registry in order to request a PHATE login. To request a PHATE log in, please email PRIME@theabfm.org.

    For more information about this curriculum, please contact Jennifer Rankin.


    This project was funded by the American Board of Family Medicine.

    PHATE Curriculum


    Additional Resources

    The Robert Graham Center developed this annotated bibliography describing the existing literature on teaching population health.

    Performance Improvement Activity

    PHATE Webinars

    How Do You Use Phate?

    We want to hear from you! Help us make PHATE and this curriculum better. We also want to hear how you have used or are planning to use PHATE.

    Form 1: What would make PHATE more useful to practices?

    Form 2: How have you used/are planning to use PHATE in your practice? 

    Online Resources

    This document lists some of the online geospatial resources available so that you can characterize your community's needs.